Registering For Food At Our Depots:

When you register you must go to one of our open depots and bring government issued ID for each person in your household and a recent piece of official mail for one person in the household.  Official mail includes: bank statement, hydro bill, cable bill, government mail and rent receipt.

You Will Need ID Everytime You Come To Get Food:

Once your household is registered, the person picking up food for the household must present Government Issued ID each time they pick up.

Every 6 Months You Must Register Again:

This is to ensure that we have current information for all people in your household.  This also helps ensure that food is equally divided between all clients.

You Can Do A 1 Time Registration:

If you are not able to provide all information for a 6 month registration, you will be given a one-time registration.  This means you will have to complete the registration process at your next visit.  A one-time registration can only be used 3 times.