Our Staff

Peter Sinclair

Executive Director

Wendy Lim-Connolly

Volunteer Coordinator

Alex Counsell

Operations Manager

Dave DeJong

Depot Coordinator

Abby Sauchuk

Director of Development

Nicole Miles

Office Administrator

Ernie Boudreault

Warehouse Supervisor

Caitlin Mangiacasale

Event Management Consultant

Michèle Mazzarotto

Volunteer Coordinator Assistant

Leslie Dyck

North Island Volunteer Coordinator

Angela Georz

Depot Coordinator

Micheal Bourdeau Jr

Empties 4 Food Supervisor, Driver and Warehouse Crew

Mike Boudreau

President of Bin Washing

Jeff Georz

Driver and Warehouse Crew

Aaron "Ace" Cahoon

Driver and Warehouse Crew

James Bowman

Driver and Warehouse Crew

James Wagner

Driver and Warehouse Crew

Morgan Theedom

Driver & Warehouse Crew

Josh Morgan

Warehouse Crew

Krista Ferris

Warehouse Crew

Ehsan Altaleb

Warehouse Crew

Stenson Lindal

Warehouse Crew & Driver (on call)

Joel Hampson

Warehouse Crew and Distribution

Mary Young

Janitor and Depot Kitchen Helper

Doug Hall

Empties 4 Food Driver and Warehouse Crew