Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Register to pick up food?

  • To register you must bring government issued ID for each person in your household and a recent piece of official mail for one person in the household.  Official mail includes: bank statement, hydro bill, cable bill, government mail and rent receipt.

How do I pick up food?

  • Once your household is registered, the person picking up food for the household must present Government Issued ID each time they pick up. 

Why do I need to Re-Register?

  • Every 6 months clients are required to re-register.  This is to ensure that we have current information for all people in your household.  This helps ensure  that food is equally divided between all clients.

What is a one-time Registration?

  • If you are not able to provide all information for a 6 month registration, you will be given a one-time registration.  This means you will have to complete the registration process at your visit.  A one-time registration can only be used 3 times. 

Where can I get food?

  • Loaves and Fishes has 8 different locations where food can be picked up.  Please ask for a complete schedule.

How often can I come?

  • Clients may access the Food Bank every 2 weeks for their regular hamper.  Your next pick up date is printed on your ticket.  Please hold on to this ticket for your reference.  Additionally you may pick up a Food 4U Hamper every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at Farquhar and every Saturday at Generations Church.

How much food will I get?

  • Our goal is for a regular hamper to provide 2 to 3 days worth of food for each person in your household.  When donations are low we may not be able to meet this goal.  The size of a Food 4 U Hamper will vary depending upon how much perishable food has come in in the last 24 hours.