IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR THE CHRISTMAS SEASON: Hampers are by appointment. Book online now or in person at one of our depots. Thursday, December 9th (see website link "Christmas Hampers" for details) is the last day for regular depot operations. The LAST DAY for regular hamper pickup, Christmas Hamper Registration and for Agencies in the warehouse is Thursday, December 9th. After that we will be operating on our Christmas schedule.   Farmers still welcome on the regular schedule.

COVID-19 Update:

In accordance with the latest health regulations, masks are now required in all indoor spaces. Please wear a mask if you are coming to Loaves & Fishes for any purpose. 

*Anyone who can not come to a depot is encouraged to give the IDs for their household to someone else who can collect food for them. That person must be prepared to show their ID as well*

Bags Notice: Starting Monday, March 22nd all clients are asked to bring recycled or reusable bags to our depots to help pack food items. 

Depot Schedule

Starting Friday, December 10th the Christmas Schedule begins. Please go to the Christmas Hamper link to for information on Christmas Hampers:

Please note we are now operating under Phase 3 Emergency Scheduling protocols. Our depot schedules are changed until further notice. Anyone who is showing signs of illness or is at risk must give their ID to another person to collect their hamper for them.

3rd Party Pickup is available with the households' IDs OR photocopy of IDs and those picking up must show their ID as well. We cannot accept pictures on cell phone.

Maximum 3 households per 3rd Party Pickup.

Pick up Times are as follows:

Regular Hamper can picked up bi-weekly.

Food 4U Hamper can be picked up at any time when the following depots are open: