Mahle House & Nanaimo Foundation Donation Matching Campaign

Dear Friends,

We were extremely fortunate in the month of April to have been the recipients of a generous subsidy for our takeout program.  Some wonderful friends of ours, Fred and Karen Green covered 50% of the cost of our takeout for the entire month.  When we asked how we can say THANK YOU, they suggested this donation to Loaves and Fishes Food Bank.  Any donation made through the Mahle House portal for the month of May, Fred and Karen will match 1:1 up to $25,000.00!!

Please make any donation you can...the smallest amount will help and hopefully we can max out this donation offer.

Thank you Fred and Karen. Thanks also to our wonderful friends and clients who make our restaurant work and who help make our community vibrant.

Stephen and Tara Wilson

The Nanaimo Foundation has partnered with the Mahle House's friends and benefactors to increase the matching donations by $10,000! 

If we reach this goal of raising $35,000 it will be matched making it $70,000! This will help us provide $418,600 worth of food relief to our friends, family and neighbours around us who are struggling during this challenging time.

All donors will receive an automatic tax receipt via email.

The Mahle House & Nanaimo Foundation will match your gift!

Donate and Support