Volunteer Activities

We are super appreciative of all that our volunteers take on; we literally could not serve the community as we do without their involvement!  Below are the main types of things you may be involved with as a volunteer:

Food Sorting:

Our warehouse is located at 210 Fry Street, on the corner of Fry and Milton street. 

Our warehouse is the hub of our operations and where all donated food is sorted and prepared prior to giving out to those in need. Having enough volunteers here is key to ensuring a good flow of food to our depots for distribution. The shifts are usually between 1.5 - 3 hours long and you could be involved in tasks such as:

  • Checking quality of fruit and vegetables
  • Sorting items according to Best Before dates
  • Categorizing non-perishable items into groupings
  • Slicing and bagging bread

Hamper Packing:

Hamper packing entails packing food items into hampers we distribute to our clients.

Empties 4 Food Program:

We collect donated empties from our 26 empties bins located through Nanaimo. (Click HERE to see a complete list of donation bin locations.) While sorting empties is not the most glamorous job, it is one of our most worthwhile endeavours cash-wise!  In 2020, collecting and sorting empties yielded more than $18,000+/month--that is a lot of donated empties!  These donations have provided a value source of income that funds our operations and enables us to supply necessary food to our community!  All sorting of donated empties take place outside in covered areas at 1861 East Wellington Road.


At the heart of our operations is the distribution of food hampers to people in need.  Hampers will be given out from a number of locations in our community.  Since COVID, to insure safety, we now distribute food via drive-thru, as well as a walk-through option.  Volunteers will be outside distributing hampers to individuals as well as loading them into vehicles during their 2-2.5 hour long shift.

**While we can appreciate people may have preferences, volunteer placement depends upon area of greatest need within our operations, and volunteer tasks will be determined upon the completion of the volunteer intake process.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with us!  If you are ready to fill in your online profile please click HERE.