Christmas Volunteering

Thank you for your interest in volunteering this 2021 Christmas season!!

Each December we welcome those who want to participate over the Christmas season. This year, despite COVID restrictions, we continue to welcome volunteers! We are grateful to the individuals, families, service and corporate groups who have made volunteering part of their Christmas tradition--we thank you!

To Begin:

  • Read about what each of the following volunteer task entails:
    • Food sorting and preparation
    • Distribution of food hampers 
    • Sorting of donated empties
  • Determine how you will volunteer and click on the relevant link at the bottom of this page:
    • Volunteer as an individual or as a group of 4 people or less
    • Volunteer as part of a group of 5-15 people max
  • All registrations are first come, first serve, and we apologize in advance if we can't place you at your preferred date and time.
  • Age requirements which we have set based on our experience:
    • Age 8+ with a parent or adult for food prep & empties sorting (Age16+ required for food distribution)
    • Age 16+ can volunteer solo
    • Grade 5 and over for school group participation
    • Age 7 and under is not yet suitable to volunteer with us

Please remember to register early, as the number of people who desire to volunteer during the Christmas season seems to only grow!  We don’t want you to be disappointed!  Thank you again for your support!

To register as an individual or Group of 4 people or less, click HERE

For more information to register as a Group of 5-15 people max, click HERE